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Employment Law Representation For Federal Employees

The employment of federal employees is guided by merit system principles, in accordance with federal statutes and regulations peculiar to federal sector employment. Many federal agencies, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense, have adopted independent and complex policies and procedures to address employee grievances and discipline.

Short Filing Deadlines

Federal employees who are subject to improper discipline, discrimination, and retaliation must respond promptly to protect their rights, as the opportunity to respond is often subject to very strict and short time limitations. We are advocates for federal employees. We know the laws, regulations, and policies applicable to the various classifications of federal employees.

We have successfully represented federal employees through agency internal grievance processes and before the Office of Special Counsel, Merit Systems Protection Board, the Disciplinary Appeals Board, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and in Federal Court.

Facing Disciplinary Actions?

We represent federal employees faced with unwarranted disciplinary action, discrimination, retaliation, proposed suspension removal, security clearance denials, whistleblower retaliation matters, or who are otherwise being subjected to an unlawful, hostile work environment.

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Federal employment laws are complex. We are here to provide practical legal advice and guidance. If you are a federal employee and have an issue at work that needs to be discussed, please call Folkerth + Routh LLCat 937-260-4202. You may also contact us online.