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With your family depending on you for a paycheck, going to work is not always a choice. As an employee, you expect fair pay, a safe place to work, and a dignified, professional work environment free from unlawful discrimination, harassment, and intimidation. Laws have been created to protect your rights and to prevent retaliation against you for exercising those rights. Yet all too often, the laws that are supposed to protect your employment are ignored. When your rights are violated, our attorneys at Folkerth + Routh LLC are here to provide you with affordable and cost-effective answers and options to address your employment concerns and protect your legal rights.

Advice And Counseling

If you have been offered an employment contract, we can explain terms that may not be clear and assist you with negotiating any changes that are needed. When you have an issue with your employment and need to know your rights, we can meet with you to assess the situation and develop a strategy to find a resolution. If you are still being subjected to unjust discipline, discrimination or harassment, there are often steps you can take to protect your employment.

Even if you have already been terminated, there are circumstances where reinstatement may be possible. However, if reinstatement is not an option, we can work with you to explore whether negotiating a fair severance may be the answer. If you have already been offered a severance agreement, we are glad to meet with you and discuss the terms, and help with negotiating changes and improvements. Whether you need help with an employment contract, an issue at work, wrongful termination or a severance agreement, you can count on us to provide straight and honest answers to all your questions.


While most of us are reluctant to pursue litigation, there are some situations where filing suit is the only effective option to obtain compensation when your rights have been violated. While we will work to avoid costly litigation if possible, sometimes there is no reasonable alternative. In situations where litigation is the only practical solution, we will not hesitate to file suit on your behalf to obtain the compensation you are entitled to receive.


Most individuals are under financial pressure and have limited resources to provide support in a time of need and this is especially true if you have lost your job or your job is in jeopardy. We understand your financial concerns and are committed to providing quality and cost-effective representation. We have a variety of fee arrangements and payment options available, and take some cases under a contingency fee arrangement.

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