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We Provide Legal Representation To Federal Sector Employees

With your family depending on your paycheck, losing your job can have devastating consequences. As a federal employee, you have a right to fair pay, a safe place to work, and a dignified, professional work environment free from illegal discrimination, harassment, and intimidation. Merit System laws exist to protect your rights and prevent retaliation against you for exercising those rights. Yet all too often, the Merit System laws that are supposed to protect you are ignored. When your rights are violated, the attorneys at Folkerth plus Roth LLC are here to help, providing affordable and cost-effective answers and options to address your employment concerns and protect your legal rights.

Advice And Counseling

Federal Sector employees are especially vulnerable to supervisor abuse. All too often, supervisors will subject a target employee to a hostile work environment, attempting to circumvent Merit Systems Principles by forcing the employee to resign. When your job is at stake and you need to know your rights, we can assess your situation and develop a strategy for response and resolution. If the unjust discipline, discrimination, or harassment continues, there are steps you can take to protect your employment, but you must act quickly, as there are strict time limitations that must be observed, or you will lose your rights.


While most of us are reluctant to pursue litigation, sometimes filing suit is the only effective option to obtain compensation when your rights have been violated. However, there are administrative requirements that must be exhausted before suit can be filed. Even if you have already been terminated, there are options to file grievances, discrimination charges, or an MSPB appeal. Depending on the Agency, special review procedures must be followed to pursue a claim.

In situations where litigation is the only practical solution, we will not hesitate to file suit on your behalf to obtain the compensation you are entitled to receive. However, again, your rights will be lost if you do not act within the specified time limitations, which are typically a matter of days.


Most of us are under financial pressure and have limited resources to support us in times of need, and this is especially true if you have lost your job or your job is in jeopardy. We understand your financial concerns and are committed to providing quality and cost-effective representation. We have a variety fee arrangements and payment options available, and except appropriate cases under a contingency fee arrangement.

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