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Skilled Help With Disability And Health Insurance Benefits

Health insurance and disability benefits are primarily regulated under federal law. The Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) sets standards and requirements for the administration of employee benefit and welfare plans (such as Employer sponsored Disability and Health Insurance Benefits), to ensure employees will actually receive employer provided benefits.

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) is applicable to health insurance continuation after termination of employment. Ohio statutes cover health insurance continuation requirements for small employers. It is illegal for an employer to interfere with an employee’s access to these benefits or to retaliate against an employee for obtaining these benefits.

A Full Range Of Services For Complex Insurance And Benefits Matters

We offer a full range of services to employers and individuals relating to employee insurance and benefit plans. Oftentimes, an employee who becomes disabled and is receiving disability benefits from a private disability insurer will be faced with a notice terminating benefits after the first or second year of benefit eligibility.

WE CAN HELP, but it is essential to contact us during the administrative appeals process. Once the Plan Administrator has issued a final denial of benefits, it will likely be too late to introduce evidence into the administrative record that is needed for a successful appeal of the Plan Administrator’s decision denying benefits.

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If you have questions about an employee benefit plan, please call Folkerth + Routh LLC at 937-260-4202. You may also contact us online. We can help employers who need guidance in compliance with benefit laws. We are also available to assist current and former employees in obtaining the benefits or appealing the denial of benefits, and we have extensive experience working with disability insurers to reinstate disability pay benefits.